Private Well Water Testing Laws (PWT)

Rockland and Westchester Counties Private Well Water Testing Laws

Many people in the United States receive their potable water from private ground water wells. While the EPA protects public drinking water systems, such environmental legislation does not apply to privately owned wells. The United States has some of the safest drinking water in the world, but drinking water sources can easily be contaminated with chemicals, minerals, fertilizers, pesticides and various other hazardous substances.

To ensure public safety and health, the Rockland County and Westchester County in the state of New York duly passed and adopted legislations regarding the water testing from residential private wells. These legislations, known as the Rockland County Private Well Testing Law and Westchester County Private Well Water Testing Law, set out certain requirements for testing wells.

The laws apply to the properties which use private wells to obtain drinking water. They require that a water test be conducted upon the signing of a contract for the sale of any property served by a private well. Likewise for leased properties, the laws require that ongoing testing be conducted at regular intervals. Additionally, the laws stipulate water testing be conducted prior to the use of water from a new or existing well that hasn’t been used for a period of five years.

Advanced Analytical Technology is registered and authorized by the Rockland County Department of Health and Westchester County Department of Health to collect well water samples, perform any required analyses, and to submit the test results and other information pertaining to these regulations to the counties’ health departments.

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