Drinking Water Testing

We are a NELAC Certified Environmental Testing Laboratory

AAT provides a variety of drinking water testing services to meet individual and commercial requirements.

AAT has been testing potable water for a variety of testing parameters for Public Water Suppliers and Individual Residential Wells, (Residential Private Wells) including those listed below:

  • Drinking Water Bacteriology
  • Volatile Organics Analysis by GC/MS
  • Drinking Water Metals
  • Drinking Water Miscellaneous
  • Drinking Water Non-Metals
  • Disinfection By-products

Located in Orangeburg, New York, AAT provides Residential Well Water Testing that is required by both the Rockland County Private Well Testing Law and the Westchester Private Well-Water Testing Law. We can collect water samples, perform any required analyses, and deliver results prior to the closing date of your real estate transaction.

Exceptional Customer Service

AAT strives to provide exceptional customer service, and ensures that all samples are properly collected as required by State regulations and EPA sampling protocols. Likewise, all samples are analyzed by EPA approved and certified methods. As such, we offer:

  • Expedited services, including one business day turnaround;
  • Weekend services, including both Saturdays and Sundays;
  • On-time, same day collection services by our trained and certified personnel;
  • Appointments arranged at your convenience;
  • Delivery of sample results by your choice of postal mail, courier, fax or e-mail.