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Free Drinking Water Lead Testing

Why test your water?

While the US is among the safest water in the world, tainted water can enter our bodies when we drink, bath, cook, launder and play — sometimes with catastrophic consequences. Life-threatening illness and birth defects can sometimes be traced back to contaminated drinking water, but mild diseases such as gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, rashes, allergies and tooth wear can also be caused by toxins in our water.

We are a NELAC Certified Environmental Testing Laboratory

Drinking Water Analysis

Advanced Analytical Technologies provides a variety of drinking water testing services to meet individual and commercial requirements.
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Non Potable Water Analysis

Our laboratory successfully provides analytical services to various engineering firms, industrial companies, and municipal authorities.
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Private Well Testing Laws

To ensure public safety, the Rockland and Westchester Counties duly passed legislations for the water testing from residential private wells.
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Reasons for Testing

Testing your private well’s water on a regular basis helps maintain a safe source and/or properly any problems of a water supply.
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AAT successfully provides knowledge and expertise with analytical services to any industry in order to meet their future needs.